Astrological Sign of Taurus

Element Mode Ruling Planet Archetype Characteristics
Earth Fixed Venus Earth Spirit/Musician Astute/Determined/Practical
Ruled by Venus
Ruled by Venus

The Planet of Love & Money


2nd House – Taurus – the Bull, the sign of purposeful determination and power. As an earth sign they are born to achieve mastery over physical matter.  The earth element teaches and guides them to become efficient in practical matters.  They strive for spiritual truth by working with the practical aspects of life.

They are fond of the good things in life focusing attention on material acquisitions.   They love comfort, satisfaction & pleasure with a high appreciation of form and beauty, especially sensitive to touch.  The hub of their universe is security emotional & material.

They have strong will power and have the ability to plan well in advance their goals. They have their own way of doing things and have a difficult time adapting to change.

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