Astrological Sign of Scorpio

Element Mode Ruling Planet Archetype Characteristics
Water Fixed Pluto/Mars Detective/Sorcerer Intense/Secretive
Ruled by Pluto
Ruled by Pluto

Planet of Transformation & Rebirth


8th House – Scorpio – The Scorpion – deals with the processes of fundamental transformation on all levels. Birth, death, psychic & taboo they work towards regeneration and the legal processes involved in such.   The sign is strongly related to the desire principle and sex drive.  Tremendous emotional forces lie behind their motivational desires.

Never dealing with life on a superficial level.  Whatever  or who ever they becomes involved with, you can be sure it is of a serious and binding nature.

No sign is so potent for good or evil as Scorpio. However, as a rule they work to improve the status quo. They can be ardent defenders of justice even in the face of death.

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