Astrological Sign of Libra

Element Mode Ruling Planet Archetype Characteristics
Air Cardinal Venus Lover/Artist/Peacemaker Beauty/Equality/Relationships
Ruled by Venus
Ruled by Venus

The Planet of Love & Money


7th House – Libra The Scales of Balance – being a cardinal sign,  they are concerned with the present, and will initiate activities.  They usually seek the co-operation of others rather than continuing alone.

They have a special need for companionship in order to feel fulfilled.  However, they need to maintain their own individuality within the framework of their relationships.  As a result marriage and partnerships are a primary concern for them.

They are part of the Air triad, and actively seek knowledge, new ideas and mental stimulation.  They are adept at analyzing what is occurring in society.  Psychology & human relationships are of deep interest to them they frequently play the role of “peacemaker”.

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