Astrological Sign of Gemini

Element Mode Ruling Planet Archetype Characteristics
Air Mutable Mercury Storyteller/Witness Versatility/Desire for knowledge
Ruled by Mercury
Ruled by Mercury

The Planet of Communication & Travel


3rd House – Gemini –  The Twins, is a mutable sign able to think & act swiftly. They must identify & classify things.  Words and models are meaningful – speech is especially important as it serves as a framework for their activities. Perceptions – visual and sensory they take in information on their immediate environment on all levels.

Their minds can jump from one thing to another.  They are thirsty for knowledge and eager to study as they have a highly developed learning capacity.

They must work to acquire calmness of mind and body.  This will enable them to maintain control over their nervous predisposition. It is a highly social sign – enjoys great popularity due to their witty conversation and intuition.

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