Astrological Sign of Cancer

Element Mode Ruling Planet Archetype Characteristics
Water Cardinal Moon Great Mother/Invisible Man Emotional issues/Nurturer
Ruled by the Moon
Ruled by the Moon

The Planet of Feelings/Intuition


4th House – Cancer the Sign of The Moon –  are born with emotional sensitivity – often concealing their own inner issues by focusing on the care of others.  It is linked to domesticity, homemaking, nuturing.

They possess  highly developed protective and defensive instincts aimed at material and domestic security. Highly sensitive and fearful of ridicule.

These people are very complex, at times appearing to have the strength of a giant, at others the weakness of a child. The variability is due to the reversal of the Sun’s direction in this sign.  It stops in the northern skies and starts its trek southward.  As well they are our Moon children, changeable.

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