Astrological Sign of Aquarius

Element Mode Ruling Planet Archetype Characteristics
Air Fixed Uranus/Saturn Warrior/Pioneer Eccentric/humanitarian
Ruled by Uranus
Ruled by Uranus

Planet of Innovation & Chaos


11TH House – Aquarian – The Waterbearer, although related to the element of water – this is a Fixed Air sign. The symbol is a man, who is holding two vessels in his hands : one contains alive water , another – dead. It symbolises the division between good and evil, black and white – the spilling out to mankind of the life-force & spiritual energy.

Brotherhood & fraternity, friends & companions – these individuals can have eccentric temperaments and are determined & stubborn.  They can become annoyed with those who don’t understand them and capable of discarding them from their intellectual circle.

Humanitarians with a love for nature.  Their calm is deceptive – as anxiety can be a downfall for them.  Excellent memory, creativity, knowledge, love of freedom.

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