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When working with the archetypal energy of the zodiac, it is important to do it within 48 hours after the new moon occurs, and its best to write them down by hand (not typewritten or on computer). Allow yourself a maximum of 10 wishes/intentions each new moon. They can all be about one specific area, but a maximum of 10.

Here are some areas of your life to focus on as you create your intentions.

ARIES: New beginnings, Soul-Self-focus, Innocence/Authenticity, Self-Discovery, Independence, Courage, and Disengaging Self-Absorption

TAURUS: Sensuality, Contentment, Perseverance, Patience, Self-Worth, Handling Money, and Releasing Stubbornness

GEMINI: Motion/Activity, Learning, Communication Skills, Logic/Cleverness, Coyote Wisdom, Social ease, Positive Daily Interactions, and Calming Mental Anxiety

CANCER: Nurturing Your Self, Home/Family, Feeling Safe, Growing, Intimacy/Caring Skills, Feelings/Moods, Nurturing Others, and Releasing Insecurity

LEO: Feeling Alive, Celebrating Your Gift, Love and romance, Creativity, Generosity, Celebration & Play/Fun, Dignity, Determination, and Tempering Arrogance

VIRGO: Physical Health/Diet/Exercise, Work/Job, the Way You Serve, Efficient Organizing, Clear Discrimination, Helpfulness, Order, and Relaxing Perfectionism

LIBRA: Trusting Others, Negotiation Skills, Harmony, Teamwork, Sociability/Diplomacy, Refinement, and Healing Codependency

SCORPIO: Bonding at a Very Deep Level, Marriage, Healthy Empowerment, Change, Crisis Skills, Self-Mastery, Sex/Soul Mates, Financial Partnerships, and Avoiding Power Struggles

SAGITTARIUS: Your Quest for Your Personal Truth, Travel/Freedom/Adventure, Legal Issues, Faith/Optimism, Using Intuition, and Overcoming Excess

CAPRICORN: Handling responsibility, Reaching Goals, Success/Recognition, Management Skills, Authority Figures, and Releasing Controlling Tendencies

AQUARIUS: Inventive Solutions, Seeing the Future, Humanitarian Attitudes, Revelations, Humor, Friends, Avoiding Excessive Detachment, and Being Aware of Unproductive Rebelliousness

PISCES: Imagination, Dreams, Inner Happiness, Psychic Sensitivity, Trust/Mystic Awareness, Spiritual Healing, Compassion, Releasing Helplessness, and Being Aware of Escapist Tendencies

Wishing you great success as you consciously create your new reality!

FOR A COMPLETE STUDY OF THE NEW MOON WISHES & ENERGIES  – I highly recommend the book New Moon Astrology by Jan Spiller, as your bedside companion!

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