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Readings can be designed to address your specific needs, however it should be noted that a thorough understanding of your basic natal chart is always a must when attempting to work through the evolutionary process; as all transits, progressions, solar arcs & returns are the energies at work in your life, in some way attempting to get you to “engage” to the work that is required.

In order provide you with maximum benefit, at the time of booking you will be asked to supply basic information such as family background, education, relationship status, children, career, spiritual/religious interests. The chart will “speak”, information you supply prior to the reading helps me to tailor my research into the specifics you are most interested in addressing.

I have attempted to provide guidance on various types of interpretations available, but if you are not sure please email me via my contact page!



For this analysis I focus on your natal chart only, its potential and planetary strengths & weaknesses. We will explore how you relate to and perceive the world around you, why….and also bring in the evolutionary souls purpose to light, examining past life influences you are working through.



This analysis is generally done once a complete natal analysis has been done, as all progressive shifting energies in our chart are meant to assist us in harmonizing with our evolutionary goals. Work completed or not completed in one phase will lead to more ease, or difficulty in the next phase. Using current methods of transits, progressions, solar arcs & return (again for the Solar return aspect of this reading please specify your location on day of birth)



This analysis includes the same coverage as my Intentional Forecast option, but for those who have not previously had an Evolutionary Natal interpretation. In order for one to understand the complete nature of the forecast it is important to comprehend the messages we are receiving through the energies the universe is providing. The astrologer must still analyze the basics of the natal chart when applying the the evolving energies. The natal messages will not be as in depth as a basic Natal interpretation.



The Solar Return is a good overview for the whole year for those with a limited budget. We will look at the themes for the year to come. This analysis requires an accurate birthtime. Also, you would need to specify the location you spent or will spend your actual birth day, as this report is location dependent.
State also if you are requesting a report for the current year or the next on your form.



A synastry reading for new relationships.  For this analysis I need permission from both parties. We will examine each partners romantic behaviours and needs followed by the aspect connections between the 2 charts. What is one person triggering in anothers chart and which houses do the personal planets fall.

Recommended for early stages of a relationship



This session is for those who are not familiar  with how astrology can be used as a tool to understand life’s current difficulties. The mind~body~spirit connection of healing oneself can sometimes be difficult challenging and painful – using your natal chart and current transits, we can examine what is going on in your life right now and help you understand the lessons you are working on.  Rewards do come eventually.  It requires an individual to have an open heart and realize that a shift in attitude along with keeping strong faith creates a deep effect within the etheric realms of consciousness whereby change within emanates outward.



Newborn Readings and Readings for Children.  A reading for your infant or child will offer an awareness of the same information offered in consultations for adults. Your baby’s horoscope reading will indicate why your child is here, what is unresolved, and how can you offer guidance. They have their own path for sure, but it’s no accident that they have chosen you to guide them on their path to maturity.



Looking for the best time to …….start a business, get married, buy or sell a home?  This is what you need!!



Signs, planets, houses – where to begin and how do you pull it all together?

I enjoy sharing and discussing astrology. I work in person,by phone, or Skype.  And using desktop-sharing, you’ll be able to see my computer screen from yours and follow along. It’s a great teaching aide. Please contact me so we can lay out a plan for you to become an Evolutionary Astrologer. If you have no working knowledge of the basics of Astrology I strongly recommend the following reading material.

  • Astrology for Dummies – by Rae Orion
  • The Inner Sky  – by Steven Forrest



Birth time rectification is a procedure that is used in order to determine what time a person was born, when the birth time is unknown or uncertain. A brief interview is required for this process.

Rectification is important, and sometimes necessary because without a birth time, you cannot accurately calculate a person’s birth chart or provide accurate forecasts.

By comparing important dates and facts about a person’s life with the different potential birth charts, we can determine the probable time of birth.
The following pieces of information from you when we schedule a consultation:

1) Your birth date – month, day and year (e.g. May 6, 1978)

2) Location of birth – i.e. the city, state and/or country.
The approximate time that you were born – For example, “sometime after 2:00 p.m., but before 7:00 p.m.” Or “in the morning, around sunrise.” – any recollections from family etc. with respect to the timing of your birth.

3) A chronology of important events – create a list of important dates and time periods in your life. Try to be as exact as possible with the dates when things happened. (separate questionnaire is available to generate thought processes)
Note that the $100 covers the consultation (interview) and 3-4 hours of research running & verifying data against potential times. I generally like to work with times that are within a 2-4 hour time range. Depending on the quality of the data you supply this should be sufficient.

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