Why Get An Astrology Reading?

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Astrology is one of the best-kept secrets of the past 100 years ! It hasn’t been kept secret in the sense that we haven’t had access to it, but awareness of its potential has been suppressed by cultural views that dismiss it as superstition.
Paradigm shifts of late, have caused many to seek new solutions to old problems in their lives. Healing modalities to support this shift in consciousness are springing up from ground zero, and compassionate assistance is becoming more mainstream for those who are on a spiritual path. The need to understand the “Why’s” in our life, and gain this so called “ higher consciousness” has become mainstream.
This new path is “optional”, in that it requires a conscious choice to access. In other words, you won’t get to a higher floor unless you push the button on the elevator.
Astrology is complicated! It is as complicated as life, reality, experience, motivations, purpose, etc. Anything that is able to describe all of those things would have to be complex. It is a language that describes human experience. It can be explored and studied but can never fully be understood by the human mind.
There is a cultural bias that astrology is either “meaningless  entertainment” or completely disempowering, because we are either afraid of, or hoping “to be wowed by what is coming” without any leverage to do anything about it. Individuals come to us with questions like, “is love in my future?” or “how long with this health condition last?”
As an Evolutionary Astrologer who works with planetary energies from the perspective of archetypal symbolism, I am not able to answer those questions. What I can do is tell people what I see is the underlying evolutionary impulse behind the situation, and how they can approach it from a place of personal empowerment.
What becomes apparent from a reading is the “virtual veil” is pulled aside, and the chart reveals what they have always felt, but have never been able to put into words. As astrologers our work is to help them find the right doors, and teach how to open them for themselves.
Reflecting this truth helps them find their own path to the correct life choices that will carry them to “higher consciousness”, as well as provide the clarity and self-acceptance they need to think and act in alignment with what will bring them the greatest possible joy and fulfillment.

You could be missing an opportunity to understand yourself in ways that change your life!

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